Project 1040 – day 12

This is a picture of my wedging table. It’s well-worn and full of dents and dings but I love it and would never get rid of it or my scale.  I got them from the potter I trained under. This old table and scale have probably seen 25 tons of clay or more pass their surfaces. Yes I said tons!  When I get ready to throw I weigh every ball of clay.  Having the clay be the exact same weight helps make sure things end up the same size when they are done. These are 1 1/2 pound pieces that will be turned into small colanders or berry bowls.

Current Tally

  • Pieces 57/1040
  • Pounds of clay 73.5
  • Handles pulled 24
  • Bisque kilns fired
  • Glaze kilns fired


Project 1040

So I thought it would be fun to give myself a pottery challenge.  I’ve been a production potter for the past 30 years so sometimes I need to change things up. I use the term production potter to describe myself, but what is a production potter?  A production potter is one who makes the same pieces over and over again that are identical to each other.  So I make the same mugs, bowls, plates and pitchers that I have for the past 30 years with only slight variations. Thus the need to change things up from time to time.   The other thing is that pottery is not my day job.  I have a full-time job outside of the pottery world so my studio time is very limited. That is other reason a gave myself a challenge that forces me to produce pottery versus a more creative challenge.

The project I have set for myself is that I will throw 20 pieces per week for 1 year or 1040 pieces.  I started on 2/15/17 and the project must be completed by 2/14/18. My only other rule is that I have to complete the 1040 pieces in 1 year. I do not have to make make 20 pieces every week, but must complete the total of 1040 in the year. That way I can take time off to spend with my family.

I also thought it would be fun to tally some things like pounds of clay used.  So here is a list of things I will tally and my first tally.

  • Pieces 21/1040
  • Pounds of clay 31.5
  • Handles pulled
  • Bisque kilns fired
  • Glaze kilns fired

I plan on including pictures and videos of my progress.  I hope you enjoy watching my progress throughout the next 12 months.