Project 1040 – day 12

This is a picture of my wedging table. It’s well-worn and full of dents and dings but I love it and would never get rid of it or my scale.  I got them from the potter I trained under. This old table and scale have probably seen 25 tons of clay or more pass their surfaces. Yes I said tons!  When I get ready to throw I weigh every ball of clay.  Having the clay be the exact same weight helps make sure things end up the same size when they are done. These are 1 1/2 pound pieces that will be turned into small colanders or berry bowls.

Current Tally

  • Pieces 57/1040
  • Pounds of clay 73.5
  • Handles pulled 24
  • Bisque kilns fired
  • Glaze kilns fired


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